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Sunday, July 12, 2015

Don't Sleep On Tyler (2) Theories/Synopsis

Let's see if I recall correctly, Celine
was downstairs in the back section
of the house I believe in the kitchen.
It was kinda late. She was probably stalling for an attempt at a late night tryst with Jim. Who unbeknown to
her had just been abducted. Katheryn
was asleep on medications, and Wyatt
was in a drunken sleep. Amanda was awake prancing about upstairs with a
loaded gun. My theory is Celine below
heard the footsteps upstairs, went up
to investigate. Remember
Amanda's room is above the kitchen.
Celine watched then waited in her room to take the gun they struggled, the gun
discharged. Celine put her to bed covered her up to make it look like
Suicide instead of accidental homicide.
Don't forget the blood splatter! Clue
number (2) Who covers themself the
way Amanda was covered like for sleep
if she killed herself? Making sense
yet. (3) There was just to much back
& forth, homicide/suicide! (4) The police
detective who's TRAINED ruled it a homicide. Then the ME who we never
saw rules it a suicide. I think the ME
made a mistake in his ruling. I also have another theory as to how and why
it happened which I'm keeping to
myself. However I Ms Dr Alexes Cross
rule this one Homicide or maybe even
Accidental Homicide. After all's said the bottom line is we will all have to wait to see what Tyler does. This blog was scheduled for 7/15 @ 7:00pm I'm releasing it a bit earlier. It's just to hot to hold! SPST (same place same time)

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  1. Enjoy! Comments welcomed. Anyone agree with my theory? Speak up.