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Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Don't Sleep On Tyler (2) Theories/Synopsis- The Art Of Writing

Not many writers can blend and balance just the right amounts of drama, suspence and mystery together. Yet Tyler Perry does it seemily naturally! Having said that let's get to this weeks show. Let's start with Wyatt. How many of you think that he's going to have a problem with a full cavity search? Not me. I think Wyatt is bi-sexual. Remember when he was in rehab and Jeffrey was his mentor? Ahh I don't think Jeffrey's gaydor was up for nothing. Umm second he told his daddy that prison didn't frighten him. So what, do you think he's just talking loud???
You have to pay attention to detail people. When David strategically stood
in Hanna's living room I predicted there would be a good chance he would
not catch his wife in the act. Thanks to
Tyler's air of suspence even I can't make this call. How about Candice and her mommy. Did we see Candice obeying her mother? Then what about previews for next week, Benny the ingrate for a son! How many of you heard him say to his mother "I only lived here to help you" wow Could this be the case of role reversals? Bad son good daughter verses bad daughter, good son. Can't call this one either. But what I can see is a whole lot of intertwining mess Celine and her beautiful family's going to bring to the show. One mess being Amanda's death.
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