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Thursday, July 23, 2015

Don't Sleep On Tyler ( Can You Smell The Coffee.. )?

Can you smell the coffee?
Tyler Perry's Haves and the Have Nots.
And The Emmy goes to Hanna! She held it down this week. There were only a few scenes that she wasn't in. The suspense and drama between her, David, Benjamin and Veronica Ooooooo-weeeeeeeee. Did David do a Columbo on Hanna? By gosh I believe he did. Big ups to Tyler for that one. It made an otherwise mundane scene interesting. Good thing Hanna has a strong stomach, or she would have craped her bloomer's. As for Mr. Benjamin what a nice thing to through in your mother's face. Even if you thought it you should have kept that to yourself. Here's a wake up call to Hanna and all you Mother's we love our children dearly ( most of us ), but blink and our kids will chew us up and spit us out. Remember that info. But wait did ( MRS) Harrington operative word being mrs, thread count Hanna's sheets?, that she just got up from laying on. Are we sure she's not a chick with a rhymes with chick, cause she has a whole lot of ballz. So now what about Hanna's lip dropping when Veronica said she'd find some dirt on her. Was that look she gave her a look of I can't believe you'd stoop so low or was it a look of, oh poo I'm screwed? I'm guessing a bit of both. Who's with me. Someone please remind me why David is a puppet in Candace's ponzi scheme. Jim wasn't so convincing. Maybe Katheryn should have handled Wyatt. As for Candace & Benny Tuesday was boring in my opinion. Can't wait though until that storyline heats up. Last and least Jeffery a dad??? Who really thinks that clever Melissa conveniently got a positive urine sample from the hospital she visits everyday.
Can't believe Candace slept on that possibility. Anyways as always we just
have to wait to see what Tyler does!!

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