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Friday, July 17, 2015

Love & Hip Hop- The Mess-Theories/Synopsis

Everyone in that show's always on the offense. Which is what happens when you put a bunch of tempermental folks together who feel that each one is better than the next. You end up with constant bickering confusion, and yes fighting. That type of entertainment gets tired and grows old fast. Oprah could have told you that Mona. Afterall that's partially how she got to where she is today. I recall everyday at four pm viewers were breaking their necks to see who was going to fight on Oprah! The show is getting tired and I'm sure the mature audience you had you're loosing. Note to the young "stop letting people exploit and degrade you". As for you ignorant folks who are deluded that money defines who you are as a person are so sad. I believe that's why Tyler Perry is so successful. He hasn't let his fortune or fame define him as a human being. Yes that's right we all are humans bottom line. We all breath, eat, sh.., sleep and bleed the same color blood. So Mona unless you get some storylines on the show such as Young Joc's drama.,in the words of the late Eddie Kendricks "Like Smoke From A Cigarette It's Fading Away".  Your Show That Is! But that would probably be too much like work and cut into your pockets. Script writing. Oh and I almost forgot your cast aren't actors. They're just cast. Looneys you've chosen to turn loose on camera. Kudos to Stevie & Joslyne going to LA they could become actors. They both have the natural ability.
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  1. This ones for all youths. Especially youths of color. There is nothing positive about that show!