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Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Binging On Tyler Perry's HAHN

I must start by saying that the Lord does work in mysterious ways his wonders to perform, for if I had afforded myself the privilege of a television it would have been short lived.

Mr. Perry I am speechless and you are off the chain!! It has been two to three days since I've finished my HAHN binge courtesy of Miss Winfrey, You, and Xfinity online services. Thank you all.

In hind sight I cannot imagine me watching seasons three and four via TV waiting and anticipating what's going to happen next week. And totally being blown away week after week. Suffice it to say my controlled high blood pressure would have been out of control and through the roof. Not to mention that I would probably be buried by now lol.

Tyler you and your HAHN characters are no joke. Scandalous I tell you. Usually I can get inside your head but Oscar threw me for a loop. In the beginning I suspected he was shady but  further along he was so convincing I thought Candice would finally have a good man in her life and turn herself around, especially with the aid of Candice's son and the money transfer I was wowed imagine that me suckered then boom left hook. Totally didn't see that one coming. Also to find out that goody two shoes David was behind it I was floored. Oh and David's ex the DA crazy.

Feeling kinda sad for sanctimonious Hana. She's a sheep in the real lions den with tigers and bears too, they keep trying to break her but she's holding her own. Thumbs up to her for now I wonder will she ever break?????

In a nut shell all of your characters have lost their minds. I have to get back on my A game. I'm going to invest in a TV to catch on season five!!!  I'll be watching you.
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