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Saturday, April 30, 2016

Prince Rogers Nelson - Money Don't Matter 2 Night

In lieu of all the (Controversy) and Conspiracy Theories that are
popping up surrounding Prince's death, I've done some delving and
discovered something quite interesting. This question plagues me. Could
Prince have foreseen his death date as early as this recording? For
those of you who know a bit about numerology Prince's motorcycle plates
in the movie Purple Rain read 96146. Once omitting the number 4 which
represents the month of April and is also recorded track number 4 for
this song on the album Diamonds & Pearls, and I'll explain the
song's significance momentarily. We are then left with the numbers 9616.
6+6+1=13+9=22. 22 being the day after his passing. Now to explain the
significance of the number 22 in this song.  Lyrics start "One more card
and it's 22 UNLUCKY for him Again." , so we know he's referring to the
game 21 Black Jack which is the day he passes 21st and unlucky
symbolizing he would he wouldn't see 22?.  So in a nutshell we have
96146. 4/21/16/ according to this song. Let me quote more of the lyrics.
"Money didn't matter yesterday and it sure doesn't matter to night
that's when you find out that you're better off making sure your Soul's
alright."  How powerful is that??? Could these daunting words be  the
foresight of his own death and why there is no will???? Anyways it
crossed my mind. (MIU) Music Is Universal

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