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Wednesday, July 27, 2016

STRICTLY ON A WHIM! (Don't Sleep On Tyler Perry)

I must confess only Tyler Perry as a writer can get the wheels turning in this writer's head.  Although there are some really great writers out there, such as Gillian Flynn, Craig Wright and Zaillian&Price.

Yesterday I tweeted about Jeffery stabbing his mother in the heart and not knowing whether that could be a good thing or a bad thing, so imagined three scenarios; Imprisonment for attempted murder, Insane Asylum or Fugitive. I didn't see last night's episode, so I'm not really sure what's going on!  However s**t's really hitting the fan. Don't know how many episodes a season carries but with not many left here's how I think it may play out.  With Wyatt possibly dead Kat and Jim have no children Tyler may bring Jim's bastard family into the picture to smear in Kat's face and Katheryn will end up killing Jim. I can definitely imagine Jeffery as a fugitive especially since he has a cop friend for an ally. Jeffery on the run then emerging as a transvestite totally oblivious to others except maybe Candace, intriguing  hmmmmm?? This stuff is just too good, it's better than milk chocolate.

Moving along I'm guessing Tyler's probably wrapping up production on his Film Boo coming out in October which was probably filmed on site and in production at his new establishment Fort McPherson? I'm also wondering if the series of Greenleaf was filmed there as well? 

Tyler would you help me out here??????? 

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