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Sunday, September 4, 2016

Shout Out


Oprah Winfrey and Company:  You all deserve a standing Ovation! I can definitely see an Emmy in your future!

I asked for it in one of my blogs a program via television media that is family oriented consisting of trials, triumphs, inspirations, failures, temptations & family secrets connecting generations.  Oh boy did I get it with a church theme.  Greenleaf was tastefully done and I don't believe there was any life's topic that wasn't endearing or untouched.

I was elated that you Oprah shed light on the church. Some church folk think that they are holier than Christ Jesus. God and Christ are used as an excuse for everything under the sun and twisted every way but loose. Most times for the ill at heart than the pure at heart.  However it's real but sad. On that note I want to give character Mavis ten thumbs up for that compelling speech she gave to Grace about her family history and "church folk". My sentiments exactly.

I'm reminded of Walter Scott "What a tangled web we weave when first we practice to deceive" in reference to some of the Greenleaf family members. So I must mention Jacob's daughter she's perfected an art for twisting the words of the Bible to fit her agenda and at such an early age.
Another compelling act was between the two sisters Mavis and Lady Mae!! I became emotionally overwhelmed at that point. It took me a couple of hours to regroup. That's excellent writing and performing.

Needless to say our world is full of sick folk that has scared someone's life everywhere one way or the other or taken advantage of the pure at heart. No one on this earth is perfect or without sin. I'm also sure that every family every where can relate to Greenleaf. Nobody's exempt.

Thanx again for such a riveting story. I hope the Greenleaf saga continues!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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