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Thursday, November 5, 2015

My Life My Journey

My Life My JourneyMy Life My Journey

 My Path

November 7 2015 at 12:55am I'll be officially turning down the page of 6 decades. Life's been fair. I've weathered many storms and learned many life lessons. Today I began thinking what can I share with the world and more importantly something tangible that I can leave my two beautiful grand daughters. Three words came to mind ( My Life Story ). My life thus far has been more than interesting and very colorful at times. A written Legacy it is!

Today we'll travel back into my past where my life began. I'm a proud New York City girl. New York City is made up of Five boroughs: Manhattan, The Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens and Staten Island.

Born 1955 one of a pair at The Famous and Infamous Harlem Hospital Lenox Avenue & 135th Street. World famous (Harlem) home of the historical Harlem Ballroom, Apollo Theater, One Hundred & Twenty Fifth Street, Schomburg Center, The County Cullen Branch Library, Silvia's and so much more.

Eighteen months later on to what we refer to as (the boogie down) Bronx. Bronx NY. Home of historical Fort Apache, Savoy Manor, George Washington Bridge, City Island, Bronx Zoo,  and Yankee Stadium. I lived at 798 East 165th street between Union and Forrest avenues. I attended elementary school P.S. 23 just across the street. That area home to Legendary Ms. Diana Ross & Patti LaBelle. On to 868 East 163rd street
between Westchester and Prospect avenues, area of well renown Johnson's Barbecue. 

May 1960 Staten Island NY home of The Famous Staten Island Ferry and the Infamous Willowbrook State School for the mentally and physically challenged, where my eldest brother was housed mandated by state laws until 1962. We would visit every weekend. Senator Robert Kennedy toured the school in 1965 and reported that individuals were overcrowded and living in filth. After a series of undercover investigations the school was dismantled. Rightly so!

November 1963 to Queens NY home of The Great- Count Basie, Cab Calloway, Louis Armstrong, Iconic L.L. Cool.  Historical Audubon Ballroom, The Village Gate equivalent to Manhattan's Blue Note. Also the Queensboro Bridge (better known as the 59th street bridge). Home of the 1964 Worlds' Fair, Shea Stadium- which is now Cityfield NY Mets.

February 2009 Brooklyn NY the home of two extraordinary men in my life.  My first love and Fiance-now deceased. Also presently the Love Of My Life and soulmate.

February 2012 relocated to my family origins North Carolina State, home of my paternal and maternal ancestors and home to me three years. Rich in history. How cool is that?

August 2015- Present Atlanta GA my new found place, home!? Well not just yet.

I also pride myself as an eastern sea border. I have visited extensively and am familiar with every state except for two along the east cost.

Thank you for traveling with me today. I will be sharing a few in depth personal excerpts from my legacy too. You won't want to miss!