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Sunday, July 26, 2015


Take a closet case homosexual and couple him with a personality disorder
and you have actor David Oyelowo portraying Peter Snowden in psychocatic thriller Nightingale. One has to wonder after killing his mother in a struggle for power, could this be the birth of how all women serial killers are born. This one hits home and is just too close for comfort. It was practically a one character movie. Familiar with similar cases the storyline and subject were predictably fulfilling non the less frightening to see. So sureal and made for an excellent watch. Reader's might read this and think to themselves, what is she talking about, there are no reasons for repressed homosexuality. Not true if you factor in other disorders and circumstances. Homosexuality remains unexplained. Most young adults and uninhibited males may feel this way because now a days it's an open heritage of men yet many of you may be very surprised that even in today's society how many reserved, conservative gay men still exhist. Dont forget the baby boomer's generation? Men who are on the DL ( downlow ) and who will remain there because according to the era they were born in, being gay was considered tabu and as a man you wore your manhood proudly. And what of the men who have an image to maintain among their buddys, pals, hommies? And not for nothing what about the closed minded and very religous parents who refuse to accept any sexuality other than hetero.What about men who were raped, abused and struggle with their sexual identity? Special thanx to Oprah Winfrey and Tyler Perry for shedding light on the issue and giving sexually abused men hope through RAINN. An organization designed to help men of this kind get help and healing. Thank you Tyler Perry for enlighting women who don't have a clue via the movie For Colored Girls Only. The world may never really know how many represed homosexuals with personality disorders who possess a very darkside are exhisting in our society. Oh it's real for those of you who laugh and are uninformed. As for you mom's out there keep your eyes wide opened and your mouths shut. That's bad advice! The good advice is RUN as far as you can. In an interview tyler perry who was also a victim of abuse I was happy to hear him say he has forgiven his father. But it was the reason why he gave which was most important. His father was also a victim of abuse. Be it as it may that's almost always the case.
We as a society seemed to have forgotten a very important factor in life, and that is; "Children Learn What They Live."
If Children live with criticism, they learn to condem
If Children live with hostility, they
learn to fight
If Children live with ridicule, they
learn to be shy
If Children live with shame, they
learn to feel guilty
There's more to it. Look it up Children Learn What They Live. As a parent it hung in my home as a constant reminder while rearing my children. Nightingale was an excellent movie.

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Don't Sleep On Tyler ( Can You Smell The Coffee.. )?

Can you smell the coffee?
Tyler Perry's Haves and the Have Nots.
And The Emmy goes to Hanna! She held it down this week. There were only a few scenes that she wasn't in. The suspense and drama between her, David, Benjamin and Veronica Ooooooo-weeeeeeeee. Did David do a Columbo on Hanna? By gosh I believe he did. Big ups to Tyler for that one. It made an otherwise mundane scene interesting. Good thing Hanna has a strong stomach, or she would have craped her bloomer's. As for Mr. Benjamin what a nice thing to through in your mother's face. Even if you thought it you should have kept that to yourself. Here's a wake up call to Hanna and all you Mother's we love our children dearly ( most of us ), but blink and our kids will chew us up and spit us out. Remember that info. But wait did ( MRS) Harrington operative word being mrs, thread count Hanna's sheets?, that she just got up from laying on. Are we sure she's not a chick with a rhymes with chick, cause she has a whole lot of ballz. So now what about Hanna's lip dropping when Veronica said she'd find some dirt on her. Was that look she gave her a look of I can't believe you'd stoop so low or was it a look of, oh poo I'm screwed? I'm guessing a bit of both. Who's with me. Someone please remind me why David is a puppet in Candace's ponzi scheme. Jim wasn't so convincing. Maybe Katheryn should have handled Wyatt. As for Candace & Benny Tuesday was boring in my opinion. Can't wait though until that storyline heats up. Last and least Jeffery a dad??? Who really thinks that clever Melissa conveniently got a positive urine sample from the hospital she visits everyday.
Can't believe Candace slept on that possibility. Anyways as always we just
have to wait to see what Tyler does!!

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Love & Hip Hop Atlanta (Tangled Web )

Can you say hood rats?! That's what I'd love to call my column on L&HH
ATL. Instead I've choosen something more tasteful. "Tangled Web." So you see we do have choices in life. Last night's epi sealed the deal.  Stevie J is a joke and his so called wife Joseline is pathetic. No one is going to take her seriously as an actress other than in XX rated comedy, or quadruple XXXX. Cheap shot. What a career.  Margeaux however did you, a young woman of stature get picked up with the trash. Anyone notice how there's hardly any drama in L&HH New York??? I said when this season of L&HH ATL started oh boy, The Whores of Atlanta are back. Yes I said it! Whore-Bag-Bum B..ches. Margeaux should quit while her reputation's somewhat still in tact. Oh wait I bet she's locked into a contract. She's a pretty girl but so nieve. I also get the fact that she probably feels she shouldn't have to stoop to everyone else's level. Hey Margeaux, you did that when ya signed the dotted line (light bulb)! Bit of advice should you ever encounter a snake and the world is full of the two legged ones.  Simply be the biggest snake. Example: Tyler Perry's HatHNs, Katheryn so politely invited Candace over only to knock her a.. out! Was thinking maybe someone big in Atlanta would consider hiring her, but she comes with too much junk. Kudos to you VH1 for making such garbage possible to see. However I guess if you can date naked nothings left but porn. I wonder how T.I feels being on a network filled with such nonsense? Especially in lieu of him instilling such great family values in his children. (Humm) Maybe he should have considered longer moving over to the "good network" the only network. Im guessing that's what the family appearance was all about on The show!!!

Monday, July 20, 2015

INIT! The New Language

Almost everyone on the planet text.
Omg my bff idk 143, 4L Ttyl. Is the
texting language slowly replacing
English? I think so. There's even a
dictionary for it which the younger
generations speak and write very well.
I predict that in another forty years English as we know it will be ancient and obsolete. Also in another forty
extinct.  My suggestion to all of us baby-boomers is to get on the bandwagon while we still have most of our faculties.

Sunday, July 19, 2015

My Apology

Apologies to Tyler Perry and all of my readers; for misrepresenting Celine's character name for Maria and misspelling Candace's name with an (i) instead of an (a) !

Saturday, July 18, 2015


I'm speaking of the Amy Dunne's of society. The women who will not be
played, the women who will and
are always ready, and able to TEACH you Nick Dunne's of society a LESSON.
This movie left me flabbergasted.  Amy was very well off and fell in love with a man (Nick) who was not as fortnate as her. She thought he was genuine
and made huge sacrifices of herself against her better judgement for him. Nick thought that he would use Amy, toss her aside and move on to the next relationship. My first thought was finally writers are straying away from the all time hum-drum boring typical topics. Writers are daring to delve into darker but sureal subjects. Other examples are Fifty Shades Of Grey and Nightingale. Back to Gone Girl. I could sadly tell you that the rate of divorce is higher than marriage also that I believe a higher percentage of women take their vows more seriously than most men, but I'm sure you already know that. But fellows know this they're women who you will not let you walk away from them. Hey ladys vice versa. Ben Affleck naturally egotistic and Rosamund Pike naturally demur are the perfect pair for the parts. Am I an Amy
Dunne? I'll never tellllllllllll.
SPST *Also read my blog scheduled 7/27 @1pm in my INIT segment on
Arranged Marriages

Friday, July 17, 2015

Love & Hip Hop- The Mess-Theories/Synopsis

Everyone in that show's always on the offense. Which is what happens when you put a bunch of tempermental folks together who feel that each one is better than the next. You end up with constant bickering confusion, and yes fighting. That type of entertainment gets tired and grows old fast. Oprah could have told you that Mona. Afterall that's partially how she got to where she is today. I recall everyday at four pm viewers were breaking their necks to see who was going to fight on Oprah! The show is getting tired and I'm sure the mature audience you had you're loosing. Note to the young "stop letting people exploit and degrade you". As for you ignorant folks who are deluded that money defines who you are as a person are so sad. I believe that's why Tyler Perry is so successful. He hasn't let his fortune or fame define him as a human being. Yes that's right we all are humans bottom line. We all breath, eat, sh.., sleep and bleed the same color blood. So Mona unless you get some storylines on the show such as Young Joc's drama.,in the words of the late Eddie Kendricks "Like Smoke From A Cigarette It's Fading Away".  Your Show That Is! But that would probably be too much like work and cut into your pockets. Script writing. Oh and I almost forgot your cast aren't actors. They're just cast. Looneys you've chosen to turn loose on camera. Kudos to Stevie & Joslyne going to LA they could become actors. They both have the natural ability.
SPST Watch out for next weeks blog

Wednesday, July 15, 2015


In the words of  Harold Melvin "Wake Up Everybody". Are we the start of the
next race?  HUMAN DROIDS! Betcha
didn't see that one coming, right up
under your noses. We're all Androids
and our smartphones are our batteries.
What happens when our batteries die
we malfunction, don't believe me
check yourself the next time you need
a charge. Omg if the battery actually
dies. No one looks up any more. Droids!
Samsung, LG, and others have the
audacity to name their phones Androids. Most of the time we no longer think for ourselves you probably didn't realize it. Brain cells dying from convience. It's also reached the point where we don't talk to one another unless we choose or have to do so. How about this the car that parks itself better still the car that drives itself. Voice commands that makes calls, reservations, does your banking etc. Yet we rant and rave about how wonderful technology is. Meanwhile our brains are turning to mush. Here's a challenge give it a break for a day. I can hear all of you
now yeah right.  Sounds funny?  Iam very serious people.  SPST

Don't Sleep On Tyler (2) Theories/Synopsis- The Art Of Writing

Not many writers can blend and balance just the right amounts of drama, suspence and mystery together. Yet Tyler Perry does it seemily naturally! Having said that let's get to this weeks show. Let's start with Wyatt. How many of you think that he's going to have a problem with a full cavity search? Not me. I think Wyatt is bi-sexual. Remember when he was in rehab and Jeffrey was his mentor? Ahh I don't think Jeffrey's gaydor was up for nothing. Umm second he told his daddy that prison didn't frighten him. So what, do you think he's just talking loud???
You have to pay attention to detail people. When David strategically stood
in Hanna's living room I predicted there would be a good chance he would
not catch his wife in the act. Thanks to
Tyler's air of suspence even I can't make this call. How about Candice and her mommy. Did we see Candice obeying her mother? Then what about previews for next week, Benny the ingrate for a son! How many of you heard him say to his mother "I only lived here to help you" wow Could this be the case of role reversals? Bad son good daughter verses bad daughter, good son. Can't call this one either. But what I can see is a whole lot of intertwining mess Celine and her beautiful family's going to bring to the show. One mess being Amanda's death.
* Comments are welcomed

Don't Sleep On Tyler! A PLATE FULL

Drama!, that's what we were served last night. A heaping plate full. Curteousy of Mr. Tyler Perry's The Haves and the Have Nots. Had to call him Mr. on this one.  Everybody in cast lost their minds, or heads however you'd like to say it! Halfway through the show mine had spun off. Can you say "Take Your Clothes Off Tuesday?" Clothes were coming off everywhere. I must say that Benjamin and Veronica turned a previously awkward situation into a delightful follow up to watch. The rapport between the two was mature and astonishing. Simply Magnetical. She definitely is the cougar, a bit coy at all the right times. Yet Benjamin had no problem letting her know that he is "the man" and he is in control.?  I loved that scene. Moving on to the scene with Candice and Oscar it was very heartfelt. I'm glad she got that off of her chest. Hanna gets the mother of the year award. Jim and Katheryn outstanding performances!! Although I must admit Jim's sealed lips for now is a good look for him. Wyatt's getting a full cavity search? Humm.? Maggie's a catty woman, and her kitty-cat smells. Poor David it seems as though he may have been spared last night aside Maggie's shenanigans. I repeat seems! As for Maria and son that could be another show.
SPST(same place same time)
*Be sure to read my blog Don't
  Sleep On Tyler (2) Theories/
  Synopsis about last night's
  ** scheduled for release Saturday
       7/17 @ 12:00pm

Sunday, July 12, 2015


There's an old adage that says: Opinions
are like anuses, everybody's got one;
And everybody thinks everybody elses
This is the case of good host; bad guest.
I'm sure I'm not alone when I ask? "OMG Ellen what the heck was that."
I'm speaking of the episode with Oprah
and her tasteless cast of Selma. David
Oyelowe and Carmen Ejogo were all
very rude guest. The remarks they made to questions Ellen asked were just
that, crude and snide remarks not civil 
answers. As for you Ms. Own everyone
knows who you are nonetheless you 
took the host's spot and at one point were asking her questions on her show
(really) Oprah ?! Did any one else hear
when Oprah reprimanded David
in the words of and I quote "stop
that". Ellen looked so confused and
lost. At one instance she looked as though she had no control and
nervous. I commend you Ellen, you
did the right thing whether or not intentional. You gave Oprah and her clowns the show and they made monkey's of themselves. STSP (same time same place) next blog 7/23@11:am

( InIt) English-The Misunderstood Language!

It's been said that The English Language
is the most confusing of all languages. Maybe it's because one word can have several meanings depending on the context in which it is used. So if
that wasn't enough, add in connotations. Connotations are words
that depending upon how they're used
can have hidden meanings. Even the
most astute of us may have to ask "How
do you mean that?" So don't feel
inept the next time you take words
the wrong way. Remember words
carry weight (oh my I used a connotation). Words have no weight but
what words do have is power. So when
speaking or writing choose/select your words with care and be very clear of what it is you want to say/ express/ convey. Afterall I've a feeling the English Lanuage will become extinct. Read about it in next week's blog. STSP
humm.? (same time same place).

Honoring Ebert & Siskel

Fifty Shades Of Grey! Can you say
Speechless? Heyyyy
I can, and what I'm also
doing is adding it to my short and elite
list of greatest love stories ever told
along with The Ghost and Mrs. Muir,
Wuthering Heights and The Notebook.
This blog is not for those of you who
mistook this film as some lavish form
of porn. To you boxed brains I say keep
living inside of your boxes, just not
among the public. For those of us
who found it reviting and a sureal
side of love where no one's ever
dared to venture on silver screen
and incidentally so eloquently done.
So this question's for you. Should
Anna have stayed? Your thoughts.
Read mine in my next blog: Wed 7/
15/15 @ 7:00 pm. Theories/Synopsis.

Don't Sleep On Tyler (2) Theories/Synopsis

Let's see if I recall correctly, Celine
was downstairs in the back section
of the house I believe in the kitchen.
It was kinda late. She was probably stalling for an attempt at a late night tryst with Jim. Who unbeknown to
her had just been abducted. Katheryn
was asleep on medications, and Wyatt
was in a drunken sleep. Amanda was awake prancing about upstairs with a
loaded gun. My theory is Celine below
heard the footsteps upstairs, went up
to investigate. Remember
Amanda's room is above the kitchen.
Celine watched then waited in her room to take the gun they struggled, the gun
discharged. Celine put her to bed covered her up to make it look like
Suicide instead of accidental homicide.
Don't forget the blood splatter! Clue
number (2) Who covers themself the
way Amanda was covered like for sleep
if she killed herself? Making sense
yet. (3) There was just to much back
& forth, homicide/suicide! (4) The police
detective who's TRAINED ruled it a homicide. Then the ME who we never
saw rules it a suicide. I think the ME
made a mistake in his ruling. I also have another theory as to how and why
it happened which I'm keeping to
myself. However I Ms Dr Alexes Cross
rule this one Homicide or maybe even
Accidental Homicide. After all's said the bottom line is we will all have to wait to see what Tyler does. This blog was scheduled for 7/15 @ 7:00pm I'm releasing it a bit earlier. It's just to hot to hold! SPST (same place same time)

Saturday, July 11, 2015


This is for all of you "avid" Tyler Perry's
The Haves and the Haves Nots watchers. How many of you believed
Amanda's death was a homicide?, maybe a few and now because of the storyline  probably none. Except
 moi! I still believe it, and in my next
blog I'll tell you why. Meantime always
remember a great detective knows that
it's not always about reading the lines but more importantly what's BETWEEN
the lines.  Ah ha