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Sunday, April 9, 2017

Greenleaf: It's Not Just Another Story It's Our History

I write this blog about Greenleaf asking that you not sit in judgment of the characters also not just view as entertainment but to view as our ancestor's and our life's history so that we may better understand one another as a people and have compassion for each other.

Let's start at the beginning, after all the tail can't be straight is the head is crooked. "Dear Ole Daddy! In order to have a better understanding of daddy's behavior ( the head of the family ) I implore you to read Willie Lynch Letter And The Making Of A Slave. It's a thirty page book very short and takes about fifteen minutes to read unless you get trapped trying to wrap your brain around the idea. Afterwards I guarantee  you will fully understand the nature of the negro behavioral patterns. It is my summation and belief that the early Alpha Negro males molested their own man child as a way of control and domination passed down through generations.Therefore as repulsive as it may be don't sit in judgment of dear daddy for not being able to break the chains of bondage.  As for the Negro women they existed mainly for breeding, and the torment they too endured was immeasurable. The women were treated as inferior and had no voice in any matter. So if dear daddy was doing the boy or girl child she'd better look the other way if she wanted to live.

There is no other race on earth that has been detrimentally and infinitely tampered with as the American Negro. Example name one american negro whose traceable bloodline is pure.
Furthermore most american family surnames were that of  slave masters.

For the same reason how christianity is portrayed in the Greenleaf story and is incidentally pretty much the same in the world we live, some years ago I denounced religion and myself as a religious person. I simply state that I'm a BELIEVER and I have accepted Christ Jesus for me nobody else. I also truly believe that in order for us as a race of people to be free from the shackles that bind us to our ancestral past we must first understand in order to then forgive. Remember love does really conquer all.

I will say this: It always amazes me when folk quote parables and bible verses solely to suit their agendas.

Oprah Greenleaf is a force to be reckoned with, and I dare not make light of it! You've out done yourself with this one. It's a wound that still festers to this day affecting countless.

Thanx again for sharing. I simply hope that the world is watching Greenleaf with an open mind and heart.  Dear Oprah I do hope Greenleaf is global and available for viewing in all languages.  In my opinion it's more than worthy of it.

In my family I'm similar to the character you portray,  sister Mavis.

Lady Mae     strike the L   Shady Mae.

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Tuesday, April 4, 2017


In my youthful years I was a very people person one vigorously seeking boundless knowledge yet foremost a deeper understanding of human nature. At a function I was in the company of family,
friends and friends of friends. Among them was a quiet gentleman some would label him odd or eccentric. My spirit lured me into a conversation with him. The worldly and spiritual knowledge he began to share with me was phenomenal. Question, after questions I asked that delighted him in awe, answering with answers that wowed me. After sometime he exhaustedly said speaking in parables he knew i'd comprehend, " listen Y is a crooked letter that goes on and on and on yet we still wonder why." I still continued my quest for answers in life, but life's taught me later years that somethings just are which is what he was in essence saying. You see I understood what he was saying but I didn't believe it. This was over 40 years go, and unknowingly then a major stepping stone in my life's journey.

In one of my blogs I wrote about bringing meaningful television programs back into urban homes something that was wholesome and family oriented that I could watch with my entire family especially my grandchildren. I have two grand daughters who are 5 and 12. I was thinking of a program that focused on dealing with real life family values, failures, triumphs, stigmatizes etc. Oprah Winfrey and team has gracefully done exactly that with Greenleaf. I can't thank her enough.

You see Greenleaf is the mirror image of myself,  my immediate family and my extended family. Free from shame or guilt I can whole heartedly openly admit this. This is the story that I need to share with my grand daughters. Learning them the good, the bad and the ugly of our family history. Also to show them how it plagues, effects and affects other families so that they may be better prepared for life such as it is. Through Greenleaf I can share it in a more relative way. I don't want them to experience this nightmare or become victims as my children did no matter how over protective we as parents think we can be. Although my aka granbies are over 400 miles away and I haven't seen them in 2 years. I'm looking forward to sharing the Greenleaf experience and my experience of our family skeletons with them before I close these eyes. I don't want them to be judgmental something that wasn't instilled in me yet life made me over time. I'm 18 with 43 years of life experience having to regroup. As I continue to grow in wisdom life has taught me contrary to younger beliefs that the only right or wrong that holds any weight in life on earth is that it is wrong to sit in moral judgement of others.  Mom taught me that early in life, she said " don't look down or turn your nose up at people less fortunate than you, that same person may have to give you a drink of water or something to save your life one day."  Of course then those words didn't carry as much weight as they do for me today.

The world is full of sick folk scared by our predeceased and ancestors, and although we may all have different values no one's perfect and no one is exempt.  Perfect, incidentally a word that eludes my vocabulary these days.

I will be blogging Greenleaf and how certain situations has and still is affecting my life. It is well with my soul.

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