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Wednesday, September 9, 2015

" Repeat After Me "

Repeat after me! Skuzzball

Lee Louis Daniels is a skuzzball. It always baffles me how our folks can owe out money and suddenly get amnesia. Just tweeted the other day about how Berry Gordy Jr did The Funk Brothers. It is my conclusion that GREED doesn't have a conscience! However I'd like to remind all you greedy people of your A B C's: A) You don't bite the hand that feeds you. B) Karma's a bitch. C) Don't burn your bridges, you never know when you may have to cross them again !!  Suffice it to say I do not support skuzzballs. Therefore I will not be watching season two of Empire real talk. I think Tyler Perry is a much better writer anyways.
Dash is a cool cat, if it was me I'd slander your name and rightly so. You would also have to pay me interest on that dude. Pay The Man !!
And know that you just lost one (supporter) !


  1. I'm going to tell Everybody 'bout you !! You just shouldn't crap on folks. Conscience I know you're out there somewhere?????

  2. Although Dash worked it out through court threat ! Why put anyone through that ! It costs money. If you can't give it definitely don't lend it 99% of the time you ain't getting it back.