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Sunday, April 17, 2016

WORLD ( A fuc... Mess! )

                            WHAT A FREAK'N MESS

     I see the big picture and this is my sense of it.  I'm
going back to the beginning where it all started Old testament;
New testament. Having stated that I guess it's safe to say conflict
of interest. Old vs. New  Wisdom vs Naive. Father God I see it as
a case of bad parenting you should have stood firm with Baby Jesus and destroyed mankind. And Baby Jesus I guess it's safe to say Father knows best he could foresee all of this mess. Your gesture was kind and true yet not one of us is worthy of you.

   Holy Wars what an oxymoron. Christianity has become a circus within itself! We walk in death's shadow yet call it life. We don't realize we are already dead or as we would understand it as good as dead. We celebrate life and mourn death how backwards is that? Mankind's religious orders have mangled and tangled  "I AM'S words to suit their movements and now every order is in question.

     I must say I've even developed a different understanding for those who commit suicide. It's a weird way out. Anyways it appears that technology is advancing and humans are regressing especially the negro race. There was a time when we snarled at being recognized as black. We went from segregation to desegregation and now of our own doing back to segregation go figure.  Examples: Bet, Ebony, Essence, Black Google etc., using it as a facade. Our forefathers fought for equality not separability. Our world leaders are showing their true color green! Light-green, forest-green, emerald-green.

     As the human race we have become selfish, greedy, no respect for life or no respect for one another. Also God has been removed from just about every where schools, courtrooms, money (and rightly so) he's been pushed so far from the picture that he hardly exists except in controversy and turmoil. So on that note I think that Father God is pretty tired of us and Baby Jesus. Two thousand yrs is a long time to let one prove himself ?.  "And that's just my 2 cents."


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  1. I keep it real simple the Holy Spirit that dwells within me. That was his gift to each and everyone of us!