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Sunday, May 22, 2016


His Grace and Mercy

Who am I.  November 7th 1955 a baby girl to a pair was born. After being born Dr.'s informed my parents that "the boy is doing fine but the little girl is in danger her lungs are deflated, she's struggling to breathe and there's nothing we can do to help her."  "What are her chances of living?" asked my parents. The doctors replied "50/50, she will live or die, she's a fighter, so we will see."  What the doctors and her parents didn't know was that little baby girl was God's Property. Heavenly Father was using me to learn them a lesson and testing my parent's faith. I remained in the hospital for a week as did my mom and twin brother. During that time all the doctors could tell my mom is she's still fighting but improving. They still had not got it and until this day I wonder if they ever did.  After passing my first test of many test-i-monies I was ready to go home and face the world.
Heavenly Father had started testing my flesh the day I was born for he'd already provided me with spirit and will. I've heard it said many times that God is stronger than the flesh  and I don't know how many of you out there truly believe it but I'm here to tell you I'm living proof.  People seldom say to me that I was destined for greatness since the day I was born (no truer statement)  I simply respond with a gentle smile while thinking to myself I know Father but I guess you felt the need to have me hear that so Amen.

Since that day I've flat lined (died) once.  I've been sheltered from death 5 times,  under the knife 13 times, survived ovarian cancer (without therapy) cured of tuberculosis, had 3 myocardial infarction (heart attacks). I'm often referred to by those who are close to me as "the sickly child" I smile within and think to myself how sad that they don't get it either. There were three people on this earth who realized my purpose two are deceased ( my parents ). The other my twin brother who witnessed two of my near death experiences.  And the beat goes on that is: (my service and my purpose). Some of you might be overwhelmed don't be his BLESSINGS COME IN MANY GUISES. 

My next couple of blogs I 'll be sharing with you some of my experience as frighting as they appear some are actually hilarious.

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