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Saturday, March 18, 2017

WAKE UP! Never Sleep On Tyler Perry


Just finished watching the mid season finale of HAHN, can you say "knocked my socks off."  It was riveting to say the least. We all know that Tyler Perry is a prolific writer but it takes an extraordinary writer to pull you into a story.  This episode of HAHN sucked me in and held me emotionally captive
all 47 minutes of it. BRAVO

Oh what a treat I had no idea Warlock and Erica were an item although from day A-1, I knew that Erica was envious of Candace didn't realize she was as ruthless, surprisingly though she confirmed my suspicion. However I have to wonder what bad blood is between those two. Coy David turned out to be a real tiger. Katheryn's move was so sweet she must have hired an army of cat burglars to clear the house. The injured Quincy jr.,  broke my heart, I had to snap out of it and remind myself that this is just entertainment. Mitch did hit the nail on the head when Benny said Veronica was crazy then Mitch replied and I quote "They're all crazy" my sentiments exactly lol.

So what now? Could it be that Hanna will get the Cryer's old house or maybe even have a stroke, heart attack from all of the recent events, and become debilitated or die herself?  Will Quincy jr., live or die? If Candace's son lives or dies could this be a turning point in Candace's life?  Wouldn't that be something to see Hanna's and Candace's rolls reversed (woah). What about Jim will he go running to his bastard family Celine and her children he fathered? How about poor little Melissa will she die too or survive and continue to plot to kill Veronica maybe succeeding especially since her father's passing she really has nothing to live for.?  Will Mitch's gangster family become more involved in lieu of the shoot out? What will become of Katheryn? Will Wyatt turn over a new leaf? Who will go to jail for the murder of Quincy? Finally will there be another season of HAHN after this season is over? I think so, but only Tyler Perry knows that!

We'll just have to wait and see, but until then never sleep on Tyler Perry!

On to Greenleaf.

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