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Wednesday, August 9, 2017


Renee Zachary (TheseTwoHands)

Getting pun and entertainment out of the way, that elevator has been HOT! Lmao. Cat fights and the Homo's whoremones are raging. I'm loving it!!!!! Tyler Perry you're insane.

Tyler I love how you've broadened the scope of the underlying antics in politics, scandal and corruption, then too including the mob exampling how deep in our society and government it does exist. Keeping in mind that our government and all the pawns who make up the government; is a designed and controlled system better still a mechanism.  Most people are aware of the rich and powerful and how money talks etc. You've displayed that with Judges Cryer & Harrington, and their wives. However to what extent it seeps the majority are uniformed therefore unaware.

What got my attention was what senator Charles said in last night's episode in his conversation with Candice (not quoting verbatim) but about very powerful people who can make things happen and things disappear too. This happens to be a fact. Also how he was hand picked to be senator, another fact. He asked her who do you know graduates college, and then gets a senate seat? I just hope your viewers are getting this, well a least a few anyways.

I love my country but freedom, democracy and our monetary system, in my opinion are the biggest illusions ever created. I often think of how MLKJr, fought for our civil right to vote which has now been down graded to what is now known as "the popular vote" that has little significance (ha). Henceforth another process created called "electoral votes" which trumps the popular vote. How about that for a smack in the face?., which really "steams my clams."

I've been trying to enlighten (as has others) people for many years who these handful of very powerful people are that control everything. It's not the president, whom many think is, the person in office is merely a pawn. Wake up people enlighten yourselves read, inquire. Also information is being handed to you on a silver platter. Research The Zeigeist Movement and The Venus Project can you say "Exposure"  this is for those who are blinded by the smoke and mirrors. Everything you think you know about our country is an illusion. I will say this Dick Gregory is not crazy lol. Read the Willie Lynch Letter, you can not understand yourselves or even us as a nation of people in entirety until you know where we've all come from. 

Tyler Perry's HAHN is for entertainment purposes only. However for myself as a personal viewer it is my right to perceive it however I choose.

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