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Sunday, May 8, 2016


     So I guess our superheros are ego tripping now a days?!
As a youth growing up Superman, Batman, Iron Man and Captain America respectively used their own tactics. It wasn't a problem then. My question is why does everything have to be a battle or a power struggle?  Let me guess according to we the people it's all about who possess the most. Well if it's all about power,  a lot have forgotten who holds The Power and The Glory.  My belief is that his chosen are few.  Besides  aren't we struggling enough with our economy and other crisis, why struggle among ourselves?  It seems so senseless.  Are we barbarians seeking thrills and finding comfort in lies, deceit, scandal, killing and controversy?.

     Was thinking how nice it would be to sit down to watch a t.v show that is positively fulfilling again.  A show that we all could gain wisdom and encouragement from.  Whatever happened to shows with themes such as Little House On The Prairie, Lassie,  Seventh Heaven and Touched by an Angel?  Family oriented television dramas that portray endearing friendships, triumphs and loving families achieving and hanging on to faith, hope and charity. Remember them, Faith, Hope and Charity?.  Shows that left everlasting positive impressions on us. And I'm not talking about reality t.v shows for there is nothing real about them.

     It can't be just all about the money?  Morals I know you're out there.  Is there anyone who's willing to change the game.  The public majority are heavily influenced by public media especially our youth,  it's sad to say but true.

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    1. In this case I think we need to regress because our progress is valueless. We need to take a step back and reevaluate of ideals and moral values.