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Wednesday, July 15, 2015


In the words of  Harold Melvin "Wake Up Everybody". Are we the start of the
next race?  HUMAN DROIDS! Betcha
didn't see that one coming, right up
under your noses. We're all Androids
and our smartphones are our batteries.
What happens when our batteries die
we malfunction, don't believe me
check yourself the next time you need
a charge. Omg if the battery actually
dies. No one looks up any more. Droids!
Samsung, LG, and others have the
audacity to name their phones Androids. Most of the time we no longer think for ourselves you probably didn't realize it. Brain cells dying from convience. It's also reached the point where we don't talk to one another unless we choose or have to do so. How about this the car that parks itself better still the car that drives itself. Voice commands that makes calls, reservations, does your banking etc. Yet we rant and rave about how wonderful technology is. Meanwhile our brains are turning to mush. Here's a challenge give it a break for a day. I can hear all of you
now yeah right.  Sounds funny?  Iam very serious people.  SPST

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