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Saturday, July 18, 2015


I'm speaking of the Amy Dunne's of society. The women who will not be
played, the women who will and
are always ready, and able to TEACH you Nick Dunne's of society a LESSON.
This movie left me flabbergasted.  Amy was very well off and fell in love with a man (Nick) who was not as fortnate as her. She thought he was genuine
and made huge sacrifices of herself against her better judgement for him. Nick thought that he would use Amy, toss her aside and move on to the next relationship. My first thought was finally writers are straying away from the all time hum-drum boring typical topics. Writers are daring to delve into darker but sureal subjects. Other examples are Fifty Shades Of Grey and Nightingale. Back to Gone Girl. I could sadly tell you that the rate of divorce is higher than marriage also that I believe a higher percentage of women take their vows more seriously than most men, but I'm sure you already know that. But fellows know this they're women who you will not let you walk away from them. Hey ladys vice versa. Ben Affleck naturally egotistic and Rosamund Pike naturally demur are the perfect pair for the parts. Am I an Amy
Dunne? I'll never tellllllllllll.
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  1. Let me hear from all of you Amy Dunne's out there.