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Tuesday, January 19, 2016

In My Mind ( Beatrix Cobb )

                    The SoburDruncs

The SoburDruncs in my mind would be a night-time television drama spin off  of the movie “Beatrix Cobb”.

 Beatrix Cobb! I’ll assimilate a timeline of her life events then conclude with a synopsis.

1916-Born Beatrix Mae Cobb - Rosehill NC- Parents Leon and
         Maggie Cobb - Father- Saw Miller Worker and Gambler
         Mother- Seamstress

1919-Age three prohibition starts and Beatrix  is learning to write
         and read.

1921-Age five father begins sexually abusing her

1923-Age seven she witnesses the murder of her mother. 
         Beatrix tells her mother what her father is doing to her.
         Maggie confronts Leon they struggle Maggie is killed. Leon
         gets away with murder and blames Beatrix for her mother’s
1924-Age eight the abuse stops. Leon is remorseful feeling sorry
          for Beatrix having no mother, Leon remarries. Beatrix gets a
           Stepmother who is good to her.

1925-Age nine Anne ( stepmother ) is with child, father looses his
          job, heavy drinking, gambling and abuse starts again.

1926-Age ten Beatrix becomes a big sister to Elizabeth - Delivered
          by Young Midwife - Miss Alley Fields

1928-Age twelve Anne dies and Beatrix is left to care for her two
          year old sister

1929-Age thirteen Beatrix is pawned off by her father Leon to
          Bootlegger Jimmy Toad to settle his drinking and gambling
          debt. Unbeknownst to her or Toad she was also impregnated.
          The abuse continues only this time it's Jimmy Toad. Later
          that year Beatrix murders her father getting away with it.
          The only eye witness is three year old sleepy Elizabeth.
          Mr. Leon's body was found the next day by Alley Fields.
          Alley took care of Elizabeth after Beatrix was pawned and
          after Leon's death. Could Alley have witnessed Leon's
          murder too?  Jimmy Toad has no clue Beatrix is a
          murderess. Toad also promises to treat her more kindly
          when they both learn she is with child.  

1930-Age 14 Beatrix gives birth to a daughter, she and Jimmy
         assumes to be his. The baby is born looking like Leon.
         To both their surprise, disgust and torment they hate the
         baby. She hates herself and doesn’t care for Jimmy. She
         tries smothering the baby but her heart wouldn't let her.
         She attempts to kill herself after Jimmy nearly beats her to
         death. Jimmy assumes that Beatrix knew she was pregnant
         when she was traded to him.  Jimmy soon realizes Beatrix
         is too naive to have known. This is Leon's plan Jimmy
         declares. It's as if he's getting even from his grave.  Jimmy
         swears revenge. Beatrix names daughter Leona against
         Jimmy's will.
1934-Age 18 The year after prohibition ends Jimmy starts abusing
         Leona to get back at Leon. Being mother and sister Beatrix
         takes four year old Leona up North and leaves her on the
         doorstep of a home she feels content with. She is gone for a
         month.  Upon her return she tells Jimmy that he'll never
         find her. She also makes him promise he will never search
         for the child. Also if he changes his wicked ways she'll
         marry him. She explains she's grown fond of him and can
         learn to love him as her husband.  Jimmy loves Beatrix, she's
         a beautiful young woman in spite of her past.  They stage
         their deaths. Jimmy has a modest fortune. They assume new
         identities vowing to bury their dreadful past and start anew.
         They flee to Savannah GA as Mr. & Mrs. SoburDruncs     
1935-Age 19 Prestigious Beatrix arrives in Savannah GA with
          husband but under her new name Mrs. Mae SoburDrunc

        As years past the SoburDruncs become a pillar in their community.  Rearing  four children two boys and two girls, who grew to become outstanding citizens of the community. Lawyer, Doctor, Chief of Police, and Judge. Soon after the youngest daughter is appointed ADA Jimmy SoburDruncs dies suddenly. His untimely death takes a toll on his family especially Mrs.  Mae.  She begins sinking. Successful children and no grandchildren it was hard for Mae to keep her thoughts off  her past life. It is her two sisters that trouble her. So she sets out to find them.
        Meanwhile back in Virginia with a twist of fate Elizabeth and Leona attend the same college becoming best of friends.  Leona becomes a Teacher and Elizabeth-Psychiatrist-PHD. The troubled women discover that neither know their families and go on a quest together to find them.
       Simultaneously in Savannah Mae begins searching for her sister's that took her various places over a lengthy time, but only lead to dead ends. Mae holds a family meeting with children confessing she has two lost sister's who she's been searching for and doesn't want help from them. Up in age and failing health, she ends her search and instead writes memoirs. Leaving strict instructions to her baby daughter (ADA). Should I pass away and passages lead them to me see that these sensitive papers reach their hands only.   

     Back in Virginia Elizabeth and Leona’s search lead them to a midwife  in North Carolina. Birth records of Negro families during the early 1900’s were recorded in the family’s Bible by the midwife. The women find Miss Fields but it’s one month too late. Alley took the Cobb’s family Bible among a few other trinkets from the home and instructed her daughter that if a lady name Elizabeth ever comes asking for me see to it that she gets these trinkets and tell her in these words “I tried to wait lil Lizzy”  The name lil Lizzy slightly  jogs her memory. They learned from this information that Lizzy has a big sister somewhere named Beatrix Cobb and her father and mother’s names and dates of births & deaths. Leona is happy for Elizabeth that she may finally find her family. But as they’re leaving town they see Miss Alley’s daughter who mentions she forgot to tell them that town talk was Beatrix had married. Leona comforts Lizzy. Continuing their search back at home they stumble upon the location of an old chapel turned registry in the town of Scottlandneck ( It’s a town that links NC to VA) that may have records of Beatrix’s marriage. They take a trip there where they find more than what they are looking for. An elderly woman greets them with a smile she knew it had to be them after hearing the life story of Mrs. SoburDruncs which she vowed to take to her grave. She tells them a woman Beatrix Mae SoburDruncs who lives in Savannah GA over a year ago was right here looking for you two. She said she remembers well because the name was so unique she would spell it over and over to herself so she would not forget.

     The day had come that Elizabeth was going to meet her sister. Little did they know it would be on her death bed. Devoted Leona along for support had no idea  this meeting would impact her life too. Beatrix’s bedside a tearful occasion. Beatrix orders her children to leave the room. She presents Elizabeth with an envelope and then she presents Leona with an envelope to both their surprise. Beatrix looks Elizabeth in the eyes and says “Yes I am your big sister” and then she looks at Leona and says “Yes I am your Mother and Your big sister. Leona faints. Elizabeth is in shock and Beatrix nods her head my sisters. It’s all in the letters. Promise me lil Lizzy these children of mine must never know nothing other than we are sisters and takes her final breath.
Elizabeth lets out a whale of a scream!!!!

                                        The End

*FootNotes When Beatrix is at the chapel in Scottlandneck she spends the day with elderly woman telling her life story sparing no details
             Yes Alley Field does witness the murder-she felt he got his just rewards and took it to her      grave.  
              Alley and Leon have a daughter as a result of him raping her.
              Jimmy Toad never suspects Beatrix of murder
              Johnny Ridge- The Town Loan Shark- Beatrix- Biological
              Leon prostituted Maggie when he needed money.
              Jimmy SoburDruncs dies of a sudden heart attack after
              daughter's ADA ceremony overwhelmed with joy.
              Mr. & Mrs. SoburDruncs ruled their family with an iron
              fist.  Mae is a woman of stature and Jimmy a man of
              Beatrix Mae Cobb-Toad- SoburDruncs never drank a
              drop of alcohol

****            SoburDruncs  pronounced Sober Drunks
                    SoburDruncs in plural  SoburDruncses

               *The name SoburDruncs was contrived by Beatrix Last part a constant reminder of her past and Sober as in sobriety is what she and husband built a strong family foundation on renouncing alcohol*

                *Appendix- Characters Ethnic Backgrounds:

                   Leon Cobb-  100 percent Black American of Congo Decent
                   Maggie Cobb- Native American Indian
                   Annee Cobb- Black of Congo Decent, Anglo Saxon
                   Beatrix Mae Cobb- Caucsain, Native American Indian
                   Johnny Ridge- Caucsain
                   Jimmy Toad- Black American of Congo Decent, Anglo Saxon
                   Elizabeth Cobb- Black American of Congo Decent, Anglo Saxon
                   Leona Toad- 25 percent Black American of Congo Decent, 25 percent Native American                       Indian, 50 percent Caucsain
                   Alley- Black American Of Congo Decent, Caucsain

Should The SoburDruncs Saga Continue ?????
                        All Rights Reserved 2016  






  1. YESSSSSSSS it should continue to see what happens to the sisters nd Beatrix's children.

  2. YESSSSSSSS it should continue to see what happens to the sisters nd Beatrix's children.

  3. I've just finished coloring the characters of my story! Which added depth to the story. Let's see if you can begin to paint your own picture.

    1. On second thought maybe not. Saving that element of surprise for the film!