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Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Some Mothers' Hanna Hanna Hanna; Katheryn Katheryn Katheryn

Some mothers just can't let go! Here's a fact you can not raise grown people! After 18-21 years of rearing who should want to. Mind you I didn't say help out (within reason), big difference. At what point moms do you stand up in guilt or guiltlessly say I've done my job to the best of my ability sink or swim, remembering sinking is not so bad but a learning experience. I believe that the overbearing, overprotective mothers create low self esteemed individuals who don't have a clue of their self worth because they're like guided missiles. I use the word missiles because these individuals at some point become rebellious, self destructive or just plain destructive as in the case of Candace, Wyatt and I believe eventually Benny too.

It is my belief that these types of mothers are needy, clingy, lacking thereof, more than likely stemming from an un-balance in their childhood (the sins of our fathers) sort of speak. On that note was just reflecting on some words of  Greenleaf character Mavis McCready when she spoke to Grace about her deceased sister saying to her, bear no guilt for your sister's demise everyone has the choice of their own path. Just curious as to why and I'm sure there is a reason Lady Mae as a mother would turn a blind eye to the molestation of her daughter. She's a mother for another time. I brought this incident up to say that no matter how good or bad your parenting skills are children become adults and eventually walk their own paths. A significant percent of the time the path they choose has nothing to do with their up bringing.

"It's a Hard knock life." No one has it easy even those born with (silver-spoons) in their mouths. Hard Knocks build character in the strong, and while the weak may fall and never get back up that's just their choice.

Mothers' nurture your children while they are young then (clip those apron strings) meaning trust them and allow them to grow. They may occasionally ask for your advice if needed. Hanna you claim to be a woman of faith, so let go and let GOD. You are not the creator Hanna.

Special thanks to my Mom Mrs. Verdell Satterfield who is now deceased for clipping her apron strings and pushing me out into the world. It has made the woman who I am proud to be today. And the beat goes on. In turn I've done the same for my daughter and she's flying like an eagle! For those less fortunate take solace in knowing you did what you felt was best.

*Notice I didn't mention that other mother Veronica Yikes! She's a controlling mother the worst kind.

Thank you Tyler Perry for your portrayals. There is so much more than meets the eye in these episodes. FYI folks they're filled with insight.

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