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Monday, May 2, 2016


I smell a rat named Hanna!

Tyler Perry's HAHN Binge season five had me in a stupor metaphorically speaking.  After sobering up, my mind can't seem to focus on any other character but Hanna.  Sweet innocent holy-er than thou Hanna.

Did you all see how the "Christian" rummaged through Katheryn's house like a junkie needing a fix for her money. Hummmm. So I'm thinking look at the christian when out of her mouth comes I'm TAKING what's mines, the cry of the self righteous. Now I'm not sure what type of christian she claims to be but it's my belief that true christian hearted  folk are GIVERS sometimes to a fault who find it hard to accept or receive unless they've earned it, but never ever TAKERS.

It has also been one of my life's lessons that most Christian's were once the biggest Heathen's.  Then age or something traumatic in their life happens and they turn to or hide behind Father God.  It is also my opinion that these type folk as parents always try to relive their lives through their children, trying to right the wrongs of their past.

Having said that I'm remembering the look on Hanna's face in the scene outside of her house between she and Veronica after catching Veronica and Benny in the bedroom of her house. Hanna was spewing out slurs about Veronica having a dirty past life and Veronica stated that she'd bet Hanna had some dirt in her past too and that she would/could find it. Well......

I think that Hanna has a very colorful past and most of that color is black as soot. I also believe that Candace was badly abused as a child, why else would she despise her mother so refusing to be an unforgiving daughter?????

Anyways we'll just have to wait to see when Tyler finishes his next dish. He really served it up season five, a ten course meal and they were all delicious not to mention the deserts! I keep telling y'all don't sleep on Tyler!!!! Waiting for season 6

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