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Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Don't Sleep On Tyler! A PLATE FULL

Drama!, that's what we were served last night. A heaping plate full. Curteousy of Mr. Tyler Perry's The Haves and the Have Nots. Had to call him Mr. on this one.  Everybody in cast lost their minds, or heads however you'd like to say it! Halfway through the show mine had spun off. Can you say "Take Your Clothes Off Tuesday?" Clothes were coming off everywhere. I must say that Benjamin and Veronica turned a previously awkward situation into a delightful follow up to watch. The rapport between the two was mature and astonishing. Simply Magnetical. She definitely is the cougar, a bit coy at all the right times. Yet Benjamin had no problem letting her know that he is "the man" and he is in control.?  I loved that scene. Moving on to the scene with Candice and Oscar it was very heartfelt. I'm glad she got that off of her chest. Hanna gets the mother of the year award. Jim and Katheryn outstanding performances!! Although I must admit Jim's sealed lips for now is a good look for him. Wyatt's getting a full cavity search? Humm.? Maggie's a catty woman, and her kitty-cat smells. Poor David it seems as though he may have been spared last night aside Maggie's shenanigans. I repeat seems! As for Maria and son that could be another show.
SPST(same place same time)
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