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Sunday, July 26, 2015


Take a closet case homosexual and couple him with a personality disorder
and you have actor David Oyelowo portraying Peter Snowden in psychocatic thriller Nightingale. One has to wonder after killing his mother in a struggle for power, could this be the birth of how all women serial killers are born. This one hits home and is just too close for comfort. It was practically a one character movie. Familiar with similar cases the storyline and subject were predictably fulfilling non the less frightening to see. So sureal and made for an excellent watch. Reader's might read this and think to themselves, what is she talking about, there are no reasons for repressed homosexuality. Not true if you factor in other disorders and circumstances. Homosexuality remains unexplained. Most young adults and uninhibited males may feel this way because now a days it's an open heritage of men yet many of you may be very surprised that even in today's society how many reserved, conservative gay men still exhist. Dont forget the baby boomer's generation? Men who are on the DL ( downlow ) and who will remain there because according to the era they were born in, being gay was considered tabu and as a man you wore your manhood proudly. And what of the men who have an image to maintain among their buddys, pals, hommies? And not for nothing what about the closed minded and very religous parents who refuse to accept any sexuality other than hetero.What about men who were raped, abused and struggle with their sexual identity? Special thanx to Oprah Winfrey and Tyler Perry for shedding light on the issue and giving sexually abused men hope through RAINN. An organization designed to help men of this kind get help and healing. Thank you Tyler Perry for enlighting women who don't have a clue via the movie For Colored Girls Only. The world may never really know how many represed homosexuals with personality disorders who possess a very darkside are exhisting in our society. Oh it's real for those of you who laugh and are uninformed. As for you mom's out there keep your eyes wide opened and your mouths shut. That's bad advice! The good advice is RUN as far as you can. In an interview tyler perry who was also a victim of abuse I was happy to hear him say he has forgiven his father. But it was the reason why he gave which was most important. His father was also a victim of abuse. Be it as it may that's almost always the case.
We as a society seemed to have forgotten a very important factor in life, and that is; "Children Learn What They Live."
If Children live with criticism, they learn to condem
If Children live with hostility, they
learn to fight
If Children live with ridicule, they
learn to be shy
If Children live with shame, they
learn to feel guilty
There's more to it. Look it up Children Learn What They Live. As a parent it hung in my home as a constant reminder while rearing my children. Nightingale was an excellent movie.


  1. This one's hotter than fish grease ! Yet I dreaded writing because it's such a touchy subject with an array of sub topics. Also subjects that many are unaware of. Arm yourselves with info be aware !

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    1. It was a dupli of first comment. All comments are welcomed!

  3. Don't read it and weep, read it and be aware.